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Oody comes from the words of “food” and “odyssey”, embodying the spirit of food adventure.

How does OodyMeet work?

"After registering as a local, you can browse through the list of gatherings and locals in every city. You can post an OodyMeet gathering which will remain on the list for other users to see. You can also invite up to 3 locals to one OodyMeet. Once there is a match, start chatting to get to know each other and coordinate the meeting ."

Why is OodyMeet different from social dinning apps? 

"Unlike dining apps or some review apps, we don’t work with any restaurants to get a commission on each sale, nor hire any locals. All experiences you receive will be genuine, and places you go will be authentic. Therefore we strongly suggest everyone should communicate well beforehand to ensure a quality time."

Why is Oody free?

"People are asking how we fund ourselves since we don’t charge restaurants and Oody is completely free to use. Do we sell member data? No, we do not, and we promise we will not sell your data. It is against our policy. At the moment, we work remotely to keep our operational costs as low as possible, and everything is financed privately using personal funds. This is how we are able to provide the service without charging our users. Eventually, we will begin to work with sponsors in OodyKiosk, but the app will remain free for personal use as it is now."

What are the benefits of adding someone as a friend in OodyMeet?

"Your friends list is completely private to you. When you create a OodyMeet gathering, it will show up in their 'OodyMeet from friends' lists. Your friends will know when and where you are available to hang out. One of your old friends might be happy to meet up with you."

What if I don't get a confirmation email? 

"We recommend that you check your spam folder in your email account after 10 minutes. If you are still unable to find a confirmation email, please contact us."

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